A Day in the Life of a Ballerina

20 February 2017

Brooke McAuley takes us behind the scenes on her typical day, and shares what it takes to become a professional Ballerina: handstands, hard work, and passion.

The Look of Love
Girl wearing activewear walking down tree lined street
Girl wearing activewear sitting in cafe with waiter
Girl stretching in studio wearing activewear

“I hate being rushed in the mornings, so I always get up with plenty of time to have breakfast, reply to some emails, have a scroll through Instagram, and of course, enjoy my morning coffee!”

Breakfast alternates between muesli with almond milk or 2 boiled eggs.. and a double espresso please! At 11am I will head down to the ballet studio and start warming up for the day ahead of class and rehearsals.

I’ve recently just joined the Fit Bit world, I’m obsessed with monitoring my steps and watching my heart rate go up and down while dancing. It’s so interesting! It is very motivating to be  able to see how your body is working during the day. The first ballet class of the day is so important for a dancer. This is our time to limber up, practice tricky skills, fall over (sometimes) and get our bodies on balance.

After class its lunchtime! It is never the best feeling dancing on a full tummy, so for lunch I’ll stick to lighter foods like a tin of tuna or avocado on rice-cakes, along with a protein bar or almonds. When the sun is out, I love to sit outside and soak up some rays before heading back into the studio for afternoon rehearsals.

Rehearsals are all dependent on what shows and performances I have coming up. If there is not a lot to rehearse, I will instead go to a yoga class at my fave ‘Bikram Yoga Prahran’ to fill in the afternoon. Yoga is a new addition to my exercise regime, I’m absolutely loving it and the challenges that come with it… now I can do a headstand! Ta da!

There is nothing I love more than coming home after a big day, taking off my make-up and getting into my Jim Jams! Heaven! (Sometimes I get a little too excited about that.) After a nutritious home cooked dinner, I’m a pretty happy chappy sitting down with the fam to a Netflix documentary and some dark choccy. Day complete!

Girl doing ballet pose in studio

I stay in balance by… Routine is what keeps me in balance. It doesn’t have to be the exact same thing every day. However, if I have a rough routine like waking up around the same time each morning, a ballet class with rehearsals and nutritious meals, I feel like it keeps me pretty well centred. However, I think the main key to balance is catching up with, or being around friends and family.. They are always the best medicine

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