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A Mother's Style

With Rozalia Russian

2 May, 2019

A Mother's Style

To celebrate Mother’s Day we caught up with Rozalia Russian to chat all things style and learn the fashion tips she’ll be passing on to her daughter.

Q: Were you always confident in your outfit choices and style growing up?

Oh no, definitely not! Like every female, my teenage years and early twenties were full of fashion faux paus. To be honest, it wasn’t until I turned 30 that I really started to find my style and what works for me. I’ve ditched my girly wardrobe in favour of a more tonal tomboy look, which definitely makes things easier when trying to chase after two kids!

I’ve also learnt as I’ve gotten older that you don’t need to wear skin-tight dresses and mini shorts to feel confident. I personally find the most beautiful women have more of a relaxed style, where they still leave a little to the imagination.


Q: Young girls love dressing up in their mum’s clothes. Growing up, were there any pieces your mum wore that you adored or that influenced your style today?

My mum would always save up and splurge on shoes. She taught me that a great pair of shoes can make any outfit, whilst a bad pair of shoes can ruin even the best of outfits. I would much rather wear a plain t-shirt and jeans with an amazing pair of heels than buy a ridiculously expensive outfit and ruin it with a cheap pair of shoes.


Q: How are your mum’s style choices reflective of her personality and spirit?

My mum has always had a European way of dressing, which means that regardless of where you’re going, you always put on your best! There were no such thing as tracksuits in my house, so my mum is and always was dressed up. I guess her personality is the same - she treats each day as if it’s special and enjoys her life. She always uses her good china and will always have the house full of flowers in case someone comes over.

A Mother's Style

Q: What qualities do you see in your own mum that you hope to emulate being mother to Willow and Kingston?

At the time I never appreciated how much patience and emotional strength it takes to be a mother, and growing up I definitely tested my mother’s patience! I guess I would love to be able to have the same patience and emotional strength as my kids get older.

Having young children is easy compared to the teenage years, so hopefully I can get through them the same way my mum did.


Q: What’s one piece of life advice your mum has given you that will always stay with you?

To be happy and treat every day as your last. When I was younger my cousin, who was one at the time, passed away and it was something that our family never got over. It really taught everyone how short life can be and how precious it is.


Q: What has surprised you the most about raising a daughter?

Our first child was a baby girl, and everything came as one enormous and somewhat overwhelming surprise. People always say you can’t describe the love you have for a child and I couldn’t agree more. The incomprehensible love and sense of responsibility I felt once my daughter was born was something I could never have imagined. Another thing that surprised me was the fact I have my own little best friend for life in Willow. The bond between a mother and daughter is something truly magical.

A Mother's Style
A Mother's Style

Q: What style choices do you make to ensure your outfits are comfortable and practical for mum duties, but also chic and on-trend so you still feel amazing?

I’ve moved away from jeans and prefer to wear a great pant instead as I find them chicer. They’re still so comfortable, yet a touch dressier than denim so I never feel like a daggy mum. I’ll pair them with a great knit, an oversized jacket and some flats and I instantly feel put together, yet still so comfortable as nothing is skin-tight and I can move around freely with my kids.


Q: Does Willow like to pick her own clothes and style her own outfits?

Willow is still pretty easy and is happy for me to dress her. She has certain colours that she won’t wear and loves anything girly so I do all of her clothes shopping by myself. That way when she does want to choose her own outfits, it’s from a wardrobe I’ve picked out for her.

I have noticed in the past few months that she’s been paying more attention to how I get ready and she will now apply some ‘makeup’ (lip gloss) before we leave the house.


Q: What advice will you give to Willow about embracing her own unique style as she grows up?

I’m a big believer that style and fashion are so unique, and I appreciate people who have an individual sense of style rather than following trends. I don’t mind what style Willow likes; at the moment it’s very girly and pink but she might change into a little tomboy! Looking back at all the different styles I experimented with, I think it’s really about finding yourself and your place in the world.

My only advice that I have started to instill into Willow now is that you always need to look neat and presentable. So always make sure that your hair is brushed, your shirt is tucked in and your shoes are clean and polished.


Q: What main styling tip has your mum given you that you’ll pass onto Willow?

The same as above - that you always need to look presentable and be well-groomed. She taught me that grooming doesn’t stop with having your hair brushed and your nails manicured, but it also means that your clothes need to be ironed and shoes polished.

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