Behind the Bespoke Design ~ Brooke Hogan for Oaks Day

5 November 2018

The Look of Love

In the days leading up to Oaks Day, we sat down with our Senior Designer Rosie who co-created Brooke Hogan's beautiful outfit for the event.

Forever New: Tell us about the design process from your perspective?

We've been lucky enough to work with Brooke before, so we know that she loves clean, elegant designs. Because we've worked with Brooke before, the process was relatively easy. We began working together back in July to co-create this piece and have been refining and refining the past few months. We're both so thrilled with the end result and can't wait for everyone to see Brooke's outfit. 

What were you both inspired by for Brooke's outfit?

Brooke loves clean, elegant designs. We were inspired by the coming together of 3 very similar aesthetics, that being Brooke's love for elegant styling, the rules of Oaks Day dressing being feminine and classic, and the Forever New aesthetic. 

How did the style evolve into the final piece? 

Soft tailoring is such a key trend, we wanted to interpret this trend in a super feminine way. We decided to go down the path of a tailored jumpsuit in a beautiful blush tone. Accessories really bring this look together. Brooke has opted for a wide brim textured boater in complementary tones - a super modern and contemporary look.

Stay tuned on social for the full look. 

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