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Celebrating IWD – Angela Simson

7 March, 2018

Angela Simson

“I’m inspired by women who are actively looking for change.”

Angela Simson - The Gratitude Project Foundery

Angela’s welcoming smile and warm personality are the trademark characteristics that make the founder of The Gratitude Project such as joy to be around. Angela brings positivity and light anywhere she goes and we’re all about spreading her self-love message. Angela brings positivity and light anywhere she goes and we’re all about spreading her self-love message. 

Why did you start The Gratitude Project?
There were many things that motivated me to create The Gratitude Project – in particular, my own personal experiences of choosing gratitude over discomfort and fear, and the profound impact this had on my health and happiness. One key memory I have was when my daughter Bo was only a few months old. I was driving to see the chiropractor because she had some problems with her neck. She was in the back of the car screaming (she hated the car!) and I could feel my stress levels rising. I kept pulling the car over and getting out to try and soothe her, but nothing helped. I felt frustrated as anything and all I wanted to do was cry. In that moment, it felt like too much (plus, as a new Mum I was seriously sleep deprived!) But I had this moment as I was getting her out of the car where I realised that some people would give anything to be in my situation. I had a beautiful baby girl and I was in the car taking her to see a healthcare practitioner that I could easily afford. Who on earth was I not to feel so incredibly blessed in that moment? So I made a decision there and then to stop choosing to focus on the discomfort and start focusing solely on gratitude. It changed everything for me. I became more present and happier within a week and over the long run, I started to see big changes in my health, relationships and life. I realised that this was something that needed to be shared and taught because it was so transformational!


What guides you on a daily basis?
Definitely how I feel. I used to push so hard to achieve and now, as a mother, I know that I have to really listen in and follow what feels right so in those moments when I need to hustle, either in my business or kids out the door, I have the energy to do that!

What is your personal mantra?
I always wake up and ask how I can serve others in each day. I usually find that by working on myself and being the best version of me possible, I allow the greatness to come out so I can better help others.

When have you felt the most confident?
Definitely when I was pregnant. There is something so empowering about walking around with the knowledge that you’re growing a tiny human inside of you. It’s a confidence that can’t be purchased and I have every belief that that is what they mean when they talk about the ‘glow’!

What have you learnt from other women in your life?
EVERYTHING! I literally learnt all I know from the inspirational women around me. My friends, my mentors, my mother, my daughters. I am who I am because of the women I surround myself with and I’m so loving the woman that I grow into each day, guided by the good I see in them!

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