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Celebrating IWD – Olivia Ruello

7 March, 2018

Olivia Ruello

“My hope is for girls to grow up in a world where there are absolutely no barriers on their success in work and in life.”

Olivia Ruello - CEO, Business Chicks Australia

Olivia is moved and motivated by remarkable women and in turn, women are moved and motivated by her. At just 24 years old, Olivia was appointed GM of a recruitment firm and since that time has led high-performing teams in the corporate world. In 2016 Olivia returned to Business Chicks, where she’d previously worked for 4 years from 2009, as the Australian CEO. Olivia wants to help women harness their strength as females and create a generation of leaders who care.

What inspires you to do what you do?

The women in the Business Chicks community inspire me every single day. These are the women who are taking risks, coming together, having each other’s backs and taking a stand wherever and whenever they can. On a daily basis, I get to hear and share the stories of the incredible women in the community and every day they make me proud. There is still so much inequality for women in the workplace and I’m inspired to change that. As long as there is still a gender pay gap, disproportionate numbers of men and women in leadership, harassment in the work place and structural barriers on women’s success, then there is still work to do!

You have spoken about women helping other women achieving success through helping others. Why is this important?

I wholeheartedly believe that the power of connection can be the catalyst for change and the fulfillment of potential. If there’s one thing I know it’s that resilience comes through connection and that when we have a strong support network around us we’re more likely to step out of our comfort zones – whether that be putting your hand up for a promotion, saying yes to new opportunities or speaking out where we might have otherwise stayed silent.


What guides you on a daily basis?

Helping women to step into and realise their own power and potential, plus creating a community where women support and back each other – that’s what guides me every single day!

What is your personal mantra?

A very smart woman one told me, “don’t let the light that’s on you shine brighter than the light that’s within you.” This piece of advice is one that I’ve taken and applied to so much of my life.

What have you learnt from other women in your life?

That we should never confuse kindness with weakness... Some of the strongest women I know are also the kindest.

What do you hope for the girls of the future?

To put it really simply, my hope is for girls to grow up in a world where there are absolutely no barriers on their success in work and in life.

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