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Forever New Bespoke
~ Lauren Phillips for Cup Day

1 November 2018

The Look of Love

We sat down with our Senior Designer Rosie to talk the creation of her bespoke piece for Lauren Phillips. Stay tuned on social next Tuesday to catch a glimpse of Lauren's full look. 

How did the idea for creating bespoke FN pieces come about?

RG: We have been creating bespoke pieces for the last three years. We wanted to showcase the talents of our team of in-house designers that are based in our Melbourne head office. It’s an opportunity to create custom one-off designs outside of the seasonal collections we produce for Forever New for some of Melbourne’s top talent.

What are the key differences between designing a dress specifically for one person, and designing one for the FN customers?

RG: When creating designs for the FN customer, we must ensure that it is relevant for a wide range of tastes and bodies, whereas bespoke gives us the opportunity to fully customise a look for an individual, and push our designs further/   

Can you talk us through the process of creating this bespoke piece for Lauren Phillips?

RG: In our first consultation, Lauren was keen to work with a statement colour for her Melbourne Cup look, so this was our starting point. Due to the bold colour, we opted to keep the design classic, so we began exploring concepts from there, and how we could keep it both classic but also youthful and modern.

Two people looking at fashion designs.

Lauren was really keen to work with a statement colour for her Melbourne cup look, so this was the starting point for her design. We landed on yellow as this is feeling so fresh for the upcoming season. With such a bold colour choice we wanted to keep the design really classic, but kept it feeling young and fresh by incorporating the corset detailing and square neckline

 Where does the team draw its inspiration for designs like this?

RG: We draw inspiration from all over but it really comes down to who we are designing for. For Lauren’s dress, we chose to use corset detailing through the bodice, which draws on rich historical references.

What are the key principals you stick to when designing for FN?

RG: We always put the customer at the forefront of our designs. We take into consideration where she is wearing it, and how she is wearing it. We always have a nod to the newest trends, but ensure that all designs go through the Forever New filter, so  that the end look has the classic and feminine aesthetic that is the hallmark of our brand.

Person looking at yellow fabric

How does designing a dress for Spring Racing differ to designing cocktail wear?

RG: Race wear is one of the few occasions to design for, that still has many dress codes and traditions to follow.  This is both fun and challenging, as sometimes having stricter parameters to work within will take you in a different direction than you might otherwise take during the design process.

Talk us through the choice of using yellow.

RG: Yellow is feeling so fresh and strong for the upcoming season, as well as being the traditional colour for Melbourne Cup day. We also liked that it was an unpredictable choice for both Lauren and the brand.

When choosing a dress for the Spring Racing Carnival, what’s the most important thing to keep in mind?

RG: Don’t be scared to go bold! The Spring Racing carnival is such a great opportunity to have fun and explore new looks.

Person trying on yellow dress having it zipped up.