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How to Create Your Dream Wardrobe 

26 May 2017

The Look of Love

Getting dressed is considerably more fun when you have an organised, inspiring wardrobe space. Whether you have the luxury of a walk-in-room or are limited to a small free-standing wardrobe, with some clever ideas and proper planning, your dream closet can be achieved.


No matter how large or small your space is, filling it with clothing you don’t wear isn’t going to inspire you in the morning. Begin your editing process by separating your most favourite items, then review the rest. If you haven’t worn a piece for the last two years or it doesn’t bring you happy memories, it could be time to donate it to charity. If it doesn’t fit properly or make you feel fabulous, it needn’t take up valuable space.

Once you’ve edited and highlighted the items you truly love and wear, you can consider how you like to get dressed and how to make your wardrobe work for you.

The Look of Love

Consider Your Layout and Shelving Options

Interior designer Felicity Watts from Watts Studio says planning is key. ‘We sit down with our clients and talk about what they own so we can design their storage space accordingly. We then customise how much half hang, full hang, drawers and open shelving our client requires’.

Adopt this approach by reviewing your favourite items and consider if your wardrobe is equipped to house them. If you’re a shoe addict, some low built-in shelves or a compacting shoe rack may be worth investing in, while a denim lover may want to add a dedicated rail to hang doubled-over jeans.

The Look of Love

Extra Storage

Scarves and belts are generally overlooked in wardrobe design. At Watts Studio we often mount an accessory rack to the back of the door’.

‘If you have the luxury of space within your robe or spare room, utilise an area for a dressing table, small ottoman and a central display for accessories, jewellery and perfume. A velvet-lined drawer below is a nice way to display and organise your jewellery collection’.

Showcase Favourites

Your closet should make you feel good as soon as you open the doors. Display a collection of your most cherished items in immediate view. It could be a treasured clutch, piece of heirloom jewellery or a scented candle.

The Look of Love


Corral your pieces to display them based on occasion. This will make it far easier to choose which of your items you want to add to your look when pressed for time. Consider organising by colour. Not only is it visually appealing and makes it easier to find pieces, it also helps you realise what you own enough of, and what you could invest in to fill the gaps.



The Look of Love


Now that a dreamy wardrobe is yours, dedicate a little time each season to keep it in stylish order. Rearrange your racks and shelving to ensure in-season pieces are accessible. Use scented wardrobe pouches to keep everything smelling fresh, and pay attention to storing your jewellery and shoes neatly.

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