How To Style an Insta-Worthy Cheeseboard

19 October, 2017

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The cheese board is a hosts’ best friend. Easy to prepare before guests arrive and when done right, creates a dramatic centerpiece that sets the mood for the rest of the event. The talented team at Ed Dixon Food Design share their top tips for styling a cheeseboard worthy of your Insta-feed. 

  1. Start with a clean platter or paddle. A neutral colour such as light timber or cream really allows the food to be the hero
  2. Choose a range of contrasting cheese. This will not only suit a range of tastes but also a variety of textures and shades that creates more visual interest
  3.  Place cheeses towards opposite ends of the platter- the different cheese varietals should never touch.
  4. Next, layer antipasto items (cured meats, olives, dips) on the board. If you are placing these in additional vessels be sure to choose some complementary colours and textures – think muted pastels or matte ceramics.
  5. Add some sweet elements. Think delicious quince paste or grapes to add a beautiful freshness that will compliment the cheese perfectly.
  6. A variety of crackers and crusty bread should be placed on the board next, preferably around the perimeter.
  7. Fill any gaps on the board with fresh crudité and dried fruit and nuts – this will add some more colour and help make the platter look abundant.
  8. Enjoy with a beautiful glass of white wine or sparkling.
Botannical Print

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