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How to Take Care of Your Winter Coat

28 May 2020

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With the full force of winter upon us, your winter coat will be your most prized garment. Tasked with getting you through crisp mornings and chilly days, your coat needs the very best of care.  Here, we have some exclusive tips to make your investment coat last through this season and next.


1. Brush Your Coat Regularly:

A bristle suede brush works best to wick stains and oils away. If you’re taking your coat out of hibernation, consider a trip to the dry-cleaners for a quick freshen up.

2. Seeing a Stain? Pat Fabric Lightly:

If you’re seeing a stain that can’t be removed with a suede brush, use a damp cloth and blot the fabric lightly. Avoid scrubbing at the stain as this will spread it around and ruin the garment. You can also try to spot clean with a touch of wool wash which is gentle and sweet-smelling.

3. Empty Pockets

Extra weight in your coat pockets can damage the shape. Remove everything after each wear – including coins and lip balm to avoid staining within the pockets. 

4. Find a Quality Hanger:

Say goodbye to your wire collection and welcome some much-needed quality hangers into your wardrobe space. Most winter coats are heavy and therefore need the support to keep their shape. Wooden or structured padded coat-hangers are best.

5. Clean Before You Store:

The wonder of a quality dry-cleaner cannot be overstated. At the end of winter, take your coat for a good dry clean before you store it away. This will be paramount in ensuring that when you take it out next season, it is fresh and ready to go. Your coats will thank you for it!