Forever New Gender Gap Employer Statement

The gender pay gap is not the same as equal pay. While the gender pay gap can be a useful proxy for measuring and tracking gender equality across an industry, there are many factors which can influence the rating at an organisation level. The results can be misleading without understanding the context.


Forever New has a workforce of 1,436 team members. Approximately 75% of these employees work in Forever New’s retail stores, the majority of whom are female.


Of the 356 head office roles, 83% of these roles (296) are held by women. Of the total 65 male employees, 62 work in the head office, impacting the gender salary data. This means the median salary for males primarily reflects head office salaries, while the median salary for females is influenced by a larger number of entry-level and retail positions. As a brand, Forever New has policies in place to ensure equal remuneration between women and men and offers flexible work arrangements for females to continue to progress in their careers.  


Further to this, 84% of the upper quartile of paid employees are female and women occupy 89% of manager level roles.