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Be fully equipped for any occasion with Forever New's beauty & essentials products. From cute compact mirrors, to cosmetic cases and umbrellas, roll on perfumes and more. Great as gifts, or a treat for yourself. Find your new favourites here.

Feel Confident And Ready For Any Occasion With Essential Bra Accessories

Step into confidence and poise with our curated selection of beauty products, designed to enhance your formal attire and ensure you feel fully equipped for any occasion. When it comes to party and occasion wear, finding the right undergarments can be challenging. Forever New understands the nuances of dressing for special events, where popular backless and strapless styles often present a dilemma in terms of practicality.

Ingenious Solutions with Bra Strap Accessories

Forever New comes to the rescue with a range of bra strap accessories, offering ingenious solutions for those captivating yet challenging gown styles. Explore racerback convertibles and reusable nipple covers, specially crafted to complement and support your formal dresses. 

Forever New Beauty Essentials Have Your Back

The allure of backless styles is undeniable, but the inconvenience of styling them practically can be daunting. Our high-quality bra accessories ensure that you stay covered and confident, allowing you to step out with grace at your next event. The beauty lies not only in the aesthetic appeal of your attire but also in the subtle support that these accessories provide.

Nipple Covers: Comfort and Confidence Combined

For dress styles that demand a bit more finesse, Forever New presents nipple covers in silicone and reusable styles. The key to the best nipple covers is not just in their functionality but also in the comfort and confidence they provide. Our range includes various styles, ensuring you find the perfect fit for your unique preferences. Whether you opt for reusable covers for sustainability or choose the simplicity of silicone covers, each option is thoughtfully designed to let you focus on the moment, knowing you're comfortably and confidently covered.

Adhesive Bra Styles for Effortless Elegance

Embrace the elegance of backless dresses with confidence, thanks to Forever New's collection of adhesive bra styles. Elevate your ensemble by pairing your backless dress with our silicone bra inserts and adhesives, available in a variety of styles, including lace-up designs. The silicone adhesives conform to your body, offering both comfort and coverage, allowing you to revel in the glamour of your attire without compromising on support. When you have your foundation sorted and you’re looking to style your formal look, browse our women’s accessories and unlock endless styling potential when you shop our jewellery online. Like our elegant, peal drop earrings that are sure to be your new formal wear jewellery staple. 

Comfortable Casual Styling

Our beauty essentials aren’t just for special occasions, they’re designed for everyday wear making comfort a priority. Pair our bra accessories underneath your work dresses for professional coverage. When the heat is on and you’re looking for styles to keep cool, the strapless maxi dress is sure to be on your list. In the summer heat the last thing you need is layers of fabric, swap out your bra for the best fashion tape and craft your perfect summertime look to suit your summer dresses. 

Fashion Goes Beyond The Garments

Forever New's beauty products extend beyond aesthetics, seamlessly integrating support and style to enhance your evening wearing formal gowns and dresses. Explore our collection and step into your next event with confidence, knowing that Forever New has you covered.