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Enjoy the discounted prices at Forever New when you sort through our sale knitwear range. We've got all your essentials to keep you rugged up.

Introducing Our Women’s Knits, Your New Wardrobe Staple

Forever New understands that comfort and style haven’t always gone hand in hand, which is why we’ve designed our knitwear collection to be the perfect marriage of both. Our knitwear is made from high-quality materials and has been expertly designed for maximum warmth and comfort. If you’re craving a cosy, chic vibe, our chunky cablewear knits are for you. Made with your comfort in mind they cover you like a warm hug, inviting you to curl up with a warm book or venture out into the cold with confidence. The epitome of versatile fashion, our chunky knits are available in a variety of colours and styles to suit every taste. Our knitwear stands the test of time, a wardrobe staple, the combination of cool, cosy comfort woven into our garments is perfect for cosy evenings in or family dinner nights out. You won’t have to imagine what laidback luxury feels like in our high-quality knitwear.

Experiment With Textures: Our Knit Dresses

For a fresh take on this timeless classic, try our high-quality woven knit fabrics in stunningly sleek dress designs. Experience the allure of cosy fabrics in stylish silhouettes, like our high-neck midi dresses, designed to flatter and form your curves while giving you the coverage you need to move freely about your day. Sophistication meets unparalleled comfort in elegant-sleeved knit dress designs. The attention to detail is obvious, with each stitch thoughtfully made to ensure you’re stepping out in elegance. For a playful take on this, try our ribbed designs and feel the embrace of our high-quality knit fabrics.

Laidback Luxury: Lounge In Our Women’s Knits

Cold mornings call for added comfort to tempt you out of bed and into the kitchen for your long-awaited morning coffee. Bring comfort with you about your days in luxuriously soft knits in traditional jumper designs and practical high-neck tank alternatives. The perfect balance of comfort and class, snuggle in with your favourite book or venture out in the chilly winds with confidence, wearing our expertly designed knits. Style tip, pair our luxurious knit fabrics with options from our women’s linen clothing line and experience the appeal of “Scand-girl” style. Pair with slippers to keep warm around the house or swap out for sleek, leather sneakers and tackle streetside puddles with ease.

Noteworthy Knit Dress Designs.

Experience laidback luxury with our high-quality woven fabrics you love, made in the style you need. Knit dresses break the mould of australian women’s knitwear and reinvent the conventional, making them the perfect choice for those who want to make a statement of refined luxury. Available in a range of styles and fits, there’s a knitted dress that meets your fashion needs perfectly. Like our range of petite women's knitwear, expertly designed for women under 5’3”, our petite collection boasts midi and maxi dress styles that fit perfectly into your day. For special occasions look no further than our strapless knit dress options. Sophisticated and formal, this variation on the classic knit challenges the boundaries of luxury wear. Gone are the days when you need to sacrifice your comfort to look good, our strapless knit dresses are the best of both worlds. If you’re planning a wedding, take some of the pressure off with our thoughtfully curated collection of bridesmaid dresses. Designed in a cohesive colour palette and available in a diverse range of fits, you and your bridesmaids are sure to agree that our sophisticated bridesmaid dress styles are a must for the occasion. Browse our collection of knit dresses and discover high-neck midi fits for flattering figures or amaze in striking strapless options that bring style and comfort to the party. 

The Colours You Crave In The Style You Want

Forever New knitwear boasts more than playful textures and coverage, swap neutral and beige tones out for vibrant, colourful prints and hues to brighten up your day. Though the classic black knitwear and white knitwear options always have a place in our wardrobes and hearts, there’s a lot to love about the comfort you’ve come to know in bold colour variations you’ll want to try. With style in every stitch, if you’re drawn to the timeless elegance of muted shades try the bold allure of eye-catching hues that cater to every mood and meeting. Catering to a diverse range of tastes and preferences, Forever New knitwear goes beyond the conventional and invites you to experiment with colour. Browse our knitwear collection now and find the colours you love in comfortable knit tops and knit dress options.

Knit Styles That Transcend The Seasons

At Forever New we understand the beauty that comes in the passing of time. That’s why our knits are made to be worn in every season and for any reason. Take inspiration from knits in warm, autumnal colours that keep you warm in chilly afternoon breezes. As the winter chill steeps in you’ll be protected against the cold in chunky cable-knit sweaters that embrace you like a warm cup of tea in the afternoon as you listen to the falling rain. For summer weddings when the sun is shining, our knit dresses are your plus one to the occasion. Made from high-quality woven fabrics that form and caress the body comfortably, our knit dresses give you the freedom to make memories with your loved ones. Make the most of your wardrobe with our versatile knit styles. Wrapped in the comfort of high-quality knit fabrics, you’ll learn to love crossing dates off your calendar. Appreciate the changes each season brings, with our adaptable range of women’s knitwear at your disposal.