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Every wardrobe needs a versatile and flattering selection of pants. Make a statement with a classic tailored pant , relaxed palazzo pants or stylish everyday jeans. With endless versatility between pairing options, the right pair of pants can take you to any event. Find your perfect fit today.

Elevate Your Wardrobe with Versatile and Flattering Pants Selections

The foundation of a well-rounded wardrobe lies in the versatility and flattering allure of your pant choices. From making a statement in classic tailored pants to embracing laid-back chic with relaxed linen pants or slipping into the timeless comfort of everyday jeans, the right pair of pants becomes the cornerstone of your fashion journey.

Classic Tailored Pants: Redefining Elegance and Sophistication

Step into the realm of timeless elegance with classic tailored pants that effortlessly redefine sophistication. Designed in a range of colours and fits a timeless favourite is the tailored black tailored pants. They're a statement of polished style, perfect as workwear pants or for more upscale events. Our tailored pants exude a refined charm that is both versatile and commanding. Elevate your look and leave a lasting impression with this wardrobe essential. For an updated take on this wardrobe essential, try our straight-leg fits for a flattering drape. The high-rise waist pairs perfectly with matching waistcoats, for an effortlessly put-together corporate casual look that complements professional and social settings alike.

Relaxed Capri Pants: Embrace Effortless Chic

For those days when comfort meets style, there's nothing quite like the relaxed embrace of capri pants. The capri pant effortlessly combines comfort with sophistication, taking inspiration from the golden age of Hollywood. Whether you're strolling through a sunlit garden, attending a casual brunch, or hitting the dance floor at a lively event, these pants bring a touch of effortless chic to any occasion. Unsure how to style these? Pair with heeled pumps and an off-the-shoulder Bardot top and exude timeless elegance in flattering silhouettes. Complete the look with one of our ladies' blazers and embrace this perfect balance of style and comfort. 

Stylish Everyday Jeans: Your Go-To Casual Companion

No wardrobe is complete without a pair of stylish everyday jeans, and Forever New boasts comfortable women’s jeans designed in Australia. The epitome of versatile comfort, our high-quality stretch fabric forms and fits your curves. Whether you're opting for a classic straight fit, skinny jeans, or embracing the laid-back vibes of wide-leg pants, our jeans offer endless pairing options. From casual outings to weekend adventures, a well-fitted pair of jeans effortlessly transitions through various settings, ensuring you stay both stylish and comfortable.

Our Women’s Pants Give You The Confidence To Move

Embark on your fitness journey with the perfect workout companions, our women's joggers and hiking pants are ready to join you every step of the way. Crafted from lightweight woven fabrics, these pants offer the ideal blend of comfort and breathability, empowering you to chase after your workout goals with style. Whether you're hitting the gym, exploring nature trails, or engaging in outdoor activities, our joggers and hiking pants provide the versatility you need to move freely while maintaining a trending, outdoorsy aesthetic. Looking to extend the lifespan of your wardrobe pieces? Explore the transformative power of our more outdoorsy styles, particularly our women's cargo pants. Take a stylish cue from the 00s by pairing them with loose-fitting cami tops and sandals, embracing a utilitarian-inspired fashion revival. Practicality meets fashion as our cargo pants become the perfect style companion, effortlessly blending functionality with trends. Enhance your everyday look with the adaptable nature of cargo pants, ensuring you're ready for both casual outings and adventurous excursions. Whether it's the gym or a casual day out, our outdoorsy styles are designed to empower you with comfort and fashion, making every moment an opportunity to express your unique style.

Flawless Fitting Women's Pants - Perfect for Every Occasion

Whether you're attending a formal gathering, a casual day out, or a spontaneous evening event, the right pair of pants can effortlessly take you from one occasion to another. Embrace the diversity of your wardrobe by exploring different pant styles and discovering the transformative power they hold in enhancing your overall look. Looking for some styling inspiration? A sleek pair of black dress pants can be dressed up with a blazer and dress shoes for a formal event, or dressed down with a t-shirt and sneakers for a more casual look. Prefer a more formal pant look? A pair of high-waisted trousers can be paired with a blouse and heels for a chic daytime outfit, or dressed down with a sweater and loafers for a more relaxed weekend attire. Forever New invites you to experiment with different pant styles, colours, and fabrics to find what works best for your body type, personal style, and the occasion. A well-curated and versatile wardrobe begins with finding the perfect pair of pants. Explore our collection, and let the variety of styles guide you towards the ideal fit that resonates with your unique taste and lifestyle. Whether you're drawn to trending leather pants, the relaxed charm of white, linen pants, or the timeless appeal of everyday jeans, there's a perfect fit waiting to become an integral part of your weekly outfit plan.